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Ice Training Men's League

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The Summer Adult League Hockey

The ITC offers hockey leagues for all skill levels.

Adult Hockey League Info

Summer Hockey Leagues are now open for registration. Register early to save money and reserve your teams spot. Click here for more information.
Free Agent Registration available for all divisions.

Looking to join a team? See here to get on our free agent list.

Adult Divisions:

  • B - Sun, and Mon Games
  • C - Tues, Thurs, Sun Games
  • D - Wed, Sat games
  • Instruction League -- Fridays (See Instructional League below for more details)
Team Deposit of $250 due by May 20th (Everything but I-League

All games are played at the ITC

B - D League details:

  • All leagues noncontact.
  • 1-2 games per week on average
  • 10 Game Regular Season.
  • 3 x 15 min stopped time periods. NHL Overtime rules.
  • Online stats and schedule provided Pointstreak
  • Reliable weekly schedule and reasonable game times
  • Rosters frozen by July 20th, Maximum 20 Players per team.
  • BYOB

Instructional League

  • 9 Games
  • NHL Style Jerseys and Socks
  • Experienced hockey coach
  • Limited to beginner hockey players

I-League Summer Information -- Click here for more information

League Skill Guidelines

A League:

This division is for top players who have competed at the Pro, Junior, College and top amateur levels. This is an open division.

B League:

This division is a step down from the A division but still very skilled. Players may have some college or professionl experience but are typically older and/or playing out of their normal position, such as an A level goalie skating out in B or an A level skater playing goalie in B. Most B players have played hockey since childhood.

C League:

Players should not have AAA, Junior, College, or Pro playing experience. Players may have played youth hockey but should not have played above the Select A/B high school or recreational level. However, there may be holder players (over 40), that played at higher levels when they were younger that are now C level players.

D League:

This division is for players who have learned to play as adults. Players may have played youth hockey, but should not have played above the recreational or JV high school level.

I (Instructional) League:

This division is designed for players who are new to the game and/or began playing hockey as adults. Players who become too skilled will be moved to the D league at the discretion of the ITC. There is a higher expectation for fair-play and sportsmanship.

A player may be required to “move up” if he/she is deemed “too skilled” by the ITC League Manager. The guidelines above will assist in determining if a player is “too skilled” for a particular level and are by no means a definitive criteria for play. All decisions regarding player eligibility made by the ITC League Manager will be final.

Contact the League Director for more information.